Helping hands!!

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This is and will be one of my precious mails. I got it from my friend. Do you know why I say it's precious?? Because it reminds me the incident that happened at Meenmutty falls. I was saved by my friend there. Wondering why I am relating this?? The reason is – "helping hands can sometimes save a life".

And here are the pics I got in that mail. The puppy had slipped into the canal. Two boys are involved in the rescue operation. And see how they make it!! The little puppy seems terrified but relieved. Thanks to those kids for the brave act!!

The canal might be a little deep for that puppy or it may have not. But it would have been difficult for it to overcome the slope made of concrete. It also a bit tough to say about the grip it can have with the concrete. Anyways, it's safe in the end!! Cheers to those boys!! :)

"Don’t worry buddy, we are to the rescue!"

"Got you! You are safe now friend"

"A little more to go and you are free"

"There you are buddy, go home now"

And "Kudos" to the photographer !!

The Right Writing!

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Has outsourcing become a boon for our race? The answer is a blunt yes and we have to come to terms with the truth because its humanly impossible for anyone to know or do everything! So its always better to leave it to the experts rather than burning your fingers on an uneasy task.

We want our work to look very unique so that its appreciated. For example your thesis preparation requires a lot of thought and execution. When you are offered expertise by a site, grab the opportunity and get your thesis done by them. Because the site has knowledgeable people having loads of experience in thesis writing working for them. Similarly your dissertations too require very careful preparation because it reflects your hard work during your research. So to make your dissertation stand out from the rest its advisable to get it done by the experts. A resume is a very important tool by which an interviewer evaluates a candidate. An interviewer goes through lots of resumes and get bored due to the similarity between them. So to have an edge over the others your resume must look very unique and at the same time appealing. So the expertise of a good website comes in handy during resume preparation.

There are a whole lot of websites which offer such services but very few of them offer you plagiarism free articles. There is one particular website which offers genuine writing services ranging from resume writing to editing and proof reading. You can even buy essays from them. Believe me it saves a lot of time and the striking feature is that you can have them done at an unbelievable cost. So leave all the writing to them.
So spare some time to visit this site to save a lot of time later!

Choose your Diet pill!!

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I have read on newspapers and heard in televisions about the necessity of diet. In the recent years, diet has been a main consideration among all. There are a lot of ways to maintain diet. Many people prefer diet pills because they have always been effective. You may wonder why I am talking all these. I do because there lays a common confusion among people regarding the selection of the right diet pill. I came across a good site that exposes the various contents of such pills. So thought it might help you and hence posting this.

It has reviewed various diet pills that are in the market. It has listed the best diet pills based on numerous factors like safety, weight loss power, reputation of the company, extra benefits, quality of the ingredients, value of your money, etc… The reviews are listed in a table and you have the opportunity of exploring all the advantages of the pills. You are also offered some discount on the pills. It’s a big advantage and can help you buy them for cheap rates. The pills can be rightly chosen based on the additional benefits too.

Overall, it is a good site to know about diet pills and their benefits. If any of your friends or relatives are in need of diet pills then forward them to this site. They will find great use of it.

Japanese Tow Bikes!!!!

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Well last week i got a e-mail message from a group (usually thats send more than 5 messages daily abt something!!!!) which i joined some 4yrs ago, contained the following pics of a Japanese Tow Bike.......



'Aw man
' is wat i said after seein it coz u want ur nice car to be scrapped off its paint then u probably would like this bike to tow ur vehicle!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!! But many officials in Japan stated that the vehicle is purely safe and does no damage to towed vehilcle...Well ok who wants to try first!!!!!!!!!!????

Will keep updating more....

Saving Money Made Easy!!!!

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Well as time passes by, there is always a change around me and the world....And the one good change that happened now is - i got a JOB!!!! The previous good change that happened was regarding my cousin brother. He got a JOB in US!!!!! He has been there for some 6 months .......But something did not go good for him. Found this when i called him sometime back. This was bothering me badly. So i called him again yesterday to find out the problem that was troubling him. The reply i got from him was MONEY....!

The reason is he was not able to save money due to the recent hike in prices in the US. He also does not know which bank offered him good rates for his savings. But he seems to have solved his problem now and thanks to eMoneyCentral for that. Now my brother knows which bank has the best rates in US. He has deposited his savings in that bank to yield best benefits for him and his family.

eMoneyCentral is a website for personal finance that features all its recent tracking(updated daily) on all the banks in US about the banks savings accounts, checking accounts and certificate on Deposits(CD). This had helped my brother regarding money savings. Know what?? These accounts are from federally insured bank accounts which literally mean if the bank fails they return back the whole amount deposited under 100,000$(Thats some good news!!!!). Readers who want to compare banks can do it in eMoneyCentral site itself to know which banks best suits their way.

Also from the savings rates tab of the site, we can check the minimum rate required for starting an account in
banks and minimum amount required to earn the yield....Further information on the savings rate of a bank can be obtained by viewing the individual bank's record under the same savings rates tab.

A graph feature that holds records of the previous year is available for the most popular accounts savings bank so that readers can check out the fluctuations in the rates of interest for a particular bank annually.....And theres more!!! The reviews button on each bank's name provides more information. The readers can read reviews from current and former bank account holders of all the banks listed in the site. This helps us to envisage their satisfaction with the particular bank's services.....

Well this helped my brother a lot to choose the right bank to start his savings account.......

The Story behind Orkut!!

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Everyone knows about orkut!! Does anyone know how it evolved?? Well, some may know about it. Some may not!! Here is the story on how it came into existence.

The founder of the Orkut community had a girlfriend during his young days. He once lost her in a train accident. He was lucky enough to be alive. His girlfriend's name was nowhere in the death list. This gave him hope and that made him search for her. He graduated as a software engineer. He created a community to search his girl. It took 3 years for him to find his love. The community had served its purpose and so he decided to close the community. But the CEO of GOOGLE, much interested with his community, made a contract with him. GOOGLE named the community as ORKUT, honoring his name. His name was ORKUT BUYUKKOKTEN .The community made a whopping sum of 1 billion dollars in its first year. And now it is one of the largest social communities in the world.

He earns for each activity a user does in the Orkut community!! Wish to know that?? Then here is the list!!

  • He earns $12, when someone registers in orkut.
  • He earns $9, for each scrap.
  • He earns $10, when someone adds the other as his/her friend. .
  • He earns $2.5, when you add someone to your hot-list.
  • He earns $8, when your friend's friend adds you to his list.
  • He earns $2, when somebody becomes your fan.
  • He earns $1.5, when you become a fan of somebody.
  • He earns $5, every time you visit your friend's scrapbook.
  • He earns $5, whenever you look into your friend's friend list.
  • He earns $200, for each picture added to your album.

Amazing is it?? He has a team to look after his orkut profile. A team of 13 people watch his scrapbook and a team of 8 people watch his friend's list. He normally receives a lakh scraps daily and thousands of friend requests.

True love is always gifted. :)

Tips on car insurance

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Most of us have a dream car in our mind which we hope to acquire at some point of time in the near future. Till then we will be using (Or rather we are forced to use) our existing car for our transportation purposes. However insuring the car is of paramount importance irrespective of whether the car is “The new heart throb of the masses” or it’s your old gas guzzling monster.

Finding the accurate and apt information on insuring the car is not an easy task. Most of us are misled into buying an expensive insurance plan, when a cheaper one would have satisfied our requirements. And insurance rates and laws are also not the same in all the cities. Therefore one should invest a considerable amount of time and effort to get the best and economical insurance quote for the car. I’ve recently stumbled upon a nice portal on the web which guides the customer on various car insurance schemes available. They provide a comprehensive overview of various factors which needs to be considered before taking insurance. If you are thinking of buying a new car, they have the list of cars which are easy to insure. They also have the list of cars which are difficult to insure. By checking these lists, we can make sure that we buy the car which suits our requirement. Apart from these lists, they also provide auto insurance quotes for your existing car, by taking into account the various factors involved. The portal also allows the individual to ask questions so that the individual can arrive at the correct decision.

Owing a car has become a necessity these days. Now that the gas prices have sky rocketed, the cost of owing and maintaining the car has increased considerably. By insuring the car, one can make sure that they don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about the safety of the car.

Random Questions

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Thanks to Never Ending Resolve-n.e.r. for tagging me this!! :)

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? (1998)

I was in the 6th standard. This year was a turn over for me. I met great competition in my studies. I was pushed back in the rankings that year which urged me to involve very well in my study.
I very well remember first beat from my P.T master in my back the same year (with his long cane).

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?

a. Watch a movie.

b. Download Tamil songs.

c. Play Cricket.

d. Learn to ride a bike.

e. Help my friend who is having a problem regarding downloads and surfing.

3. Snacks I enjoy:

I eat a lot of snacks. Here is the list- All kinds of biscuits (Milk Bikis is my favorite), Bombay Lakadi, Banana and Potato chips, Puffs, sweets, Murukku, etc….

4. Places where I lived:

Chennai- Always a Chennaitte!!

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:

a. Of course- Helping the poor.
b. Buy a large number of websites.
c. Spend for my studies at Harvard. [Just a dream :) ]
d. To start a Political Party and buy all the MP’s and MLA’s to give a good rule.
e. Try to buy Microsoft :)

6. People I want to know more are Manu, Michelle, Fab, Mahen-Jambi, VHILMA and Sam.

Hope you answer them guys...

Power Crisis!!!

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The government of Tamilnadu has imposed a rule over the usage of electricity. According to the rule there will be a pre-told power cut to its state capital, Chennai, for an hour and the other areas of state would suffer a worse duration of 2 hours-daily. This rule will be enforced from Monday onwards (21-July, 2008).

The worst news is that his rule has no borders. The rule stays as long as there is no improvement in supply and demand position. This situation arose due to lack of rains in the surrounding areas including Kerala and Karnataka and consequential low power generation.

Electricity crisis has started showing its head. Its upto the government to solve it and it should be dealt with great care with the future in mind. Bad time for Chenaiites!!!

HITMEN Available Online!

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This revelation is really startling! Read on....

"Job guaranteed in 10 days or less"

Mexico city police are investigating classified advertisements posted on the internet by people offering their services as hired killers for as little as $6000!

One post on the website, which hosts free ads for people selling old home appliances or renting apartments, advertises the service of an "ex-military hitman, professional and discrete." The man promises a job guaranteed in 10 days or less" and adds "I have worked in Spain, only serious offers, $6000."

A police spokeswoman said authorities were taking the ads seriously, at a time when Mexican drug cartels and organized crime gangs are going ever more public with their tit-for-tat murders and leaving several bodies and heads in streets! Some 1,700 people have been killed so far this year in attacks between rival cartels and the thousands of soldiers and federal police sent out to crack down on them.

Gangs often use paid assassins using high-caliber weapons for their hits!

Shooting down has become a child's play!!

Credit card debts!!!

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Almost 70% of the people around the world own a credit card. It has become a part of our life but it is less known that it has been a big headache to the banks. Guess what?? Credit card debts around the world have just gone above 48 lakh crore rupees!!! (US$ 1,121,495,337,600). Britain is the most affected by this and it’s reported that the number of debtors have doubled in the last couple of years. In Britain alone it sums upto 4,48,000 crore rupees (US$ 112,228,193,760). It’s estimated that the debt would rise to 12,80,000 crore rupees (US$ 299,275,183,360 in Britain alone) in two more years. So all banks have started to find a solution for this. They have imposed strict measures and have drafted ways to find customers with proper details and needs. They hope that 40% of the debts can be cleared by this.

Well, the banks are here to help us but people misuse its advantages. In the end it is us who are affected. So lets clear our debts if we have any.

NXG Kids!!!!

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One of my most treasured email folder contains this message from my friend which shows how the future generation of kids would be and the pics were really amazing and lol i am unable to put some pics which shows something explicit in NXG Gen!!!!!!See the pics and enjoy!!!!



I was unable to control my laughter for some time and that too the last picture made me laugh for around 15minutes!!!!!!Lol!!!!! Yes Laughter is the best medicine known to make body and mind to work in peace!!! So laugh wenever u can!!!!!
Will keep updating more....

Before you Start Your Travel...

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A little careful planning can prevent a lot of problems during an enjoyable travel. No one wants his/her travel to go awry, everyone's intention being to enjoy to the fullest. I'm going to share with you some of my travel experiences and suggestions that might save you a lot of headache during travel.

Munnar is a serene, tranquil hill station located in Kerala. It promises a perfect escape from the hassles of busy life and is undoubtedly one of the best places to unwind. The journey to Munnar is fraught with numerous bends and its human to get nauseated. Cumin water which is slightly pink in color is available in every eatery and its advisable to have a bottle in hand always. This is a natural antidote to the nausea caused during hill travel.

Munnar has a number of Hotels and Resorts to suit all budgets. Each of them promises to offer you a picturesque view of Munnar. My stay was at Sterling Resorts, which greeted us with a ginger ale on our arrival. After a long nauseating travel, its the best one can ask for! Munnar is a place to be visited when one has a lot of time at disposal, only then can one enjoy all the charm of this wonderful place. So make plans accordingly.

For adventure seekers Wayanad is paradise. One can indulge in a variety of activities from trekking to chilling out at a waterfall. All the three places that we visited during the stay were really amazing. I was spell bound by the mysterious charm of the Edakkal caves. The next stop was Kuruva Dweep where we crossed three branches of a main stream. The last stop, which is also the most memorable was at Meenmutty Falls. We had to trek a long way into the dense vegetation to reach the falls. Believe me the falls is one of the most astounding things I had ever seen!

Again Wayanad too is a place to be enjoyed only when one has a lot of time. Our stay was at Hotel Regency in Sultan Bathery from where we did all the travel. The hotel was pretty decent and the most appealing feature is its hospitality.

Wherever you travel, its always better to check out the hotel rates before you arrive. So, its better to allot some time to analyze the hotels at your destination, the price, the facilities and the reviews of other people about each hotel. So you have to zero down on one hotel after careful comparison. There is one website that can ease all your comparison work, HotelsCombined! Listings of hotels all over the world are available here and it searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly!

Bon Voyage!

Do u like to Walk on this???

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Have you ever looked down from your flat or from a building with atleast 10 floors?? No !! Well, of course everyone has the fear to see down. But have you ever felt how could it be when you are nearly on the top of world ?? Forget the aeroplanes, where you just can sit but here is a place where you can get a tingling sensation with safety to your life !! Its the Glass Bridge.

Glass Bridge is suspended about 4,000 feet above the Colorado River on the very edge of the Grand Canyon . It can withstand the weight of 71 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes (more that 71 million pounds). The bridge will be able to sustain winds in excess of 100 miles per hour from 8 different directions, as well as an 8.0 magnitude earthquake within 50 miles.

More than one million pounds of steel got into the construction of the Grand Canyon SkyWalk!!!!!

The last picture shows the fully built SkyWalker, the others are about to rise on the surface of the Grand Canyon within some months....

Will keep postin more....

Best Ads!!!!!

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Well there are many ads that always tries to attract the viewers into buying or using the product and i must say the INDIANS are the best in this Industry today.....Want any proof?????How much of these do u want?????All these photo ads are produced by INDIANS!!!!!

See yall with another one...

Way to lose your weight!!

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Last week, I was chatting with my friend and was shocked to see his present day picture. He had undergone diet and lost good amount of weight. He is in Canada now doing his post graduate course. I remember how people mock him in India (because he was very fat). I asked him how it happened and his answer to that was discountorovo. He explained that it was a diet supplement for effective weight loss. He assured that it is a natural product. He added that Orovo is a MLM or Multi level Marketing Type Company. It has a stream of various products for building muscles,acne treatments etc, all natural. He added that he used Orovo Detox, which removes the toxins from the body. It helped the body become effective at weight loss. Well he had excellent customer services provided and the surprise he gave was regarding its price. DiscountOrovo is available at a very cheap price.

Guys just thought of sharing this because it will help someone. I am sure that people will get benefited from this. So if you are trying to lose weight-why not try Orovo??

Rated my Life !!!

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Hey guys, i just now rated my life in a website. I found it good and am satisfied with it. Though it may not be the exact rating but it still brings out some of your score. You can just be relieved that you are going good. You can compare your rating with that of a normal person too !!!! Here is the image of my rating...

It advised me to keep a focus on my physical health and to unclutter my mind. It also said that my spirit score is relatively high, which means i am rewarded by my beliefs. The other advice from it were to make more friends and share my thoughts with more people !!! Hmmm!! Funny to hear but it was something nice.....

Below is the image which gives the rating of a normal person. Thought of sharing so that you can rate you life too !! Have fun....

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