Look And Feel Great- The Healthy Way.

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Its no secret that people are impressed by good looks. Most of us take pains to ensure that we look great when we attend important social occasions or job interviews. However good dressing sense is only one half of the whole episode. Most of us have natural flaws which we love to get rid of, like being obese, having wrinkled skin e.t.c. Some people force themselves to become gym rats to shed the excess baggage while others resort to fat burning pills. The major drawback of fat burning pills is that they usually have negative side effects because they have artificial chemicals in them.

So the best way to reduce fat if one cannot afford to spend time at gym, is to consume the so called "super foods". These super foods are very rich in essential nutrients which do not increase the fat content in our body. How ever its not so easy to find super foods at the local convenience stores. But don't fret, because there's a new product in the market called Lipovox which is very rich in nutrients and hence can be called as a super food. All the 14 ingredients present in Lipovox are extracted from nature and hence there is no fear of any side effects. Whats more?? Lipovox is not only a weight loss pill, but it is also nourishes your skin and enhanches the overall complexion.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to have that perfect shape which you have always dreamed of. And you dont have to spend hours at the gym to achieve that. And moreover your skin looks young too. Sounds good eh? Well it sure is.

Independence Day!!

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Today, the 15th of August, India celebrates its 61st year of Independence. We the people of India are very delighted and this is always a special occasion for us, far more important than our festivals and birthdays. India is a diverse country, feeding nearly 1.9 billion people. The Independence Day is the only day where all people come into celebration and demonstrate their love and affection for the country.

Facts about the Flag:

The Indian Flag is tri-colored and each color radiates a unique quality.

  • Saffron - Courage, Sacrifice and the Spirit of Renunciation
  • White – Purity and Strength
  • Green – Faith and Fertility

The central wheel is navy blue in color with 24 spokes and is called the "Chakra".

We feel proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence to all!! Jai Hind!!


“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”

- Albert Einstein

And see the co-incidence - this is our hundredth post on a great day. :)

Awesome video of the White Tiger!!

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Hey guys, we captured this ultimate video at the zoo. The male tiger crouches and stealthy moves towards its love. It then leaps with extraordinary power to play with the female. The couple had a great time romancing all the time and playing. We have seen this only in the television but watching it in reality gives the thrill and excitement. Well, you must be eager to watch the video. So dont want to dump in more words and here it goes....

The White Tiger!!

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There is a pair of white tigers at the Vandalur zoo. The male is really huge and is characterized by resolute fearlessness. The male and female go well with each other, but a depressing fact is they don’t have sufficient space to roam around. There is enough number of trees with a small pool, but it doesn’t satisfy the tiger. People tease them. And the keepers just neglect them. Let's hope they provide more space.

General Facts of the White Tiger:

  • The White Tiger is only born to a Bengal Tiger.
  • It is white in color because the animal lacks the necessary yellow pigments.
  • The White Tigers found now across the world are the sons and daughters of the first white tiger named Mohan (male). It was found in the Govindgarh forest in 1951.
  • White Tigers are generally less ferocious than the colored ones.
  • A good swimmer.
  • Only 200 white tigers are left in the world.

The tigers ranks top among the endangered animals and it is up to us to save them from extinction. Man has become the worst predator for the tiger.

Vandalur Zoo – A Captivity cheaply preserved!!

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We had visited the Vandalur zoo few weeks back and just thought of blogging about it. So I would brief about the zoo and here it goes.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park, popularly known as the Vandalur Zoo, is one of the largest zoos in South Asia. It covers an area of 600 hectares and provides home for more than 1500 animals. The zoo is around 32 km from Chennai city and is easily accessible through the town buses and EMU trains. The zoo restricts and discourages the use of plastics inside the premises. The visitors are strictly advised not to feed the animals. It's not the same as other zoos but instead they provide the experience of reserved areas. The place is just apt for animals to roam free. But of course, the maintenance of the zoo is terrible. The animals are fed well but no care is taken regarding their health.

I won't be writing on how we enjoyed our day because obviously everyone must have been to the zoo and know how it would be. So I would be writing about the animals there and how they are been kept and fed with some interesting facts on them and followed by their dwindling numbers in the wild.

Please create awareness of these poor animals. Nearly every species in the world is endangered because of man's greed over land and the increasing population. His sixth sense has proved worthless.

Will be posting on the animals very soon…. Bladezz would be helping me with the pictures and videos.

Abinav Bindra – India's gold!!

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Today, the 11 of august, has made India proud at the Olympics. Abinav Bindra, one of the excellent shooters India has ever produced, won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. The occasion was very eminent. It was thrilling when the National anthem was played with my nation's flag being hoisted. I felt I was witnessing the Independence Day celebration. This is a special occasion for India as it won a gold after 28 years.

It's more distinguished, as it is the First ever Individual Gold a sportsman has ever won representing India. Hats off!! This win has surely created ripples among the youngsters and I am sure India would produce more athletes to hunt more medals in the forthcoming years!!!

Do you know that???

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First Indian rupee was released by "Sher Shah"
Afghanistan has no "Train Service"
Saudi Arabia
has no "Rivers"
American national anthem was composed by a "Russian"
The Dolphin can swim at a speed of "35 miles per hour"

Tada falls - An Unforgettable Outing!

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I just have to tell you one thing before I start... U got to see it to believe! My friends had given me the sweet responsibility of penning down our terrific outing at Tada falls (locally known as Ubbalamadugu or Kaamba falls) and so I oblige!

Any outing requires a plan... ours was no exception! So Vadi and Blade sweated hard on gathering all the information about the place from the geography to the transportation. After sufficient ground work we invited almost everyone we knew but many refrained feeling the place wasn't safe enough. Contradictory to the popular belief we found the place absolutely safe and on Sundays you can find a lot of people camping here!

So now we move on to the execution... We decided to make use of public transport and Bus was the obvious choice since the place is not connected by rail or air! So 5 of us (Blade, Vadi, Jai, Suhag and Me) decided to meet at cmbt on sunday morning (3-8-2008) and take a bus!

So this is the bus which had transported us to Varadhapalayam, a small town from which you have to travel again to reach the falls! It was one of those few days when i got up early and we had the bus moving by 7.15 am!

And after 30 km or so our bus halted at an eatery. So we had our nature calls answered in a field and were roaming in its vast expanse... and suddenly the noise of a train... kept my camera ready and then clicked... the next part is funny... there were two ladies staring at me when I was snapping and I thought they were seeing a digicam for the first time... but when I started walkin back to the bus one of the ladies asked
me "don u see trains in chennai!" My friends had a good laugh
at this! My friend Suhag insisted that we finish our breakfast there but none obliged!

Into the bus after the break and it was chatting all the way till our destination.. So we were dropped at Varadapalayam at around 9.30am and we had only one thing on mind... breakfast! So we loitered the entire town to find all the eateries were already closed! One man told us the reason behind this... frequent brawls, courtesy drunkards! But we somehow managed to find a place which served only idlis... I really was unaware wat the side dish was, but they called it sambar... but then your taste buds don't matter when your stomach is crying!

Next is our road trip from the main town to the check-post of the falls. The popular mode is the "share-auto" since no buses are available! There was one hyper auto-driver with whom we bargained (usual routine), and from a 100 we were able to reduce it to a 60. He even stayed with us while we were eating to make sure we didn't take any other auto!

Soon we were on road to eden! Its a 7km drive from the town to the check-post! An empty road and fresh air... a rarity in a busy city like chennai! The auto wala gave us 1 valuable tip... hide ur cams to escape paying a fee... and we loyally followed his advice! The original trekking started from the check-post. Vehicles are allowed until a certain distance beyond the post but we decided to walk and there started our adventure.

After this I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking!!! I see your sigh of relief!

These 2 pics here require special mention! I'm mot aware of the lady's name but prefer to call her 'Oracle' because she warned us of a floating dead body, which we didn't find. All of us were in splits when she inflicted a nasty 'A' joke on Jai when he said he found it difficult to walk! The second pic to the right has another story to tell. Jai signaled something to me when we passed this parking space. I thought he wanted me to snap, and I took one wondering why this guy wanted a snap of this not so prominent place. Then came a person running towards me asking me to shell out 50 bucks, for carrying a camera! Jai had actually signaled me to hide the cam! How late I realized!

The first sight of water..! Actually we had a long length to cover after this!

From rocky to muddy to thorny to gravel... Every stretch was interesting... We endured all of them!

Mamma Mia! I had never seen anything like this before (even in movies)! Again I got only one thing to say... U got to see it to believe! From the texture of the water to the mammoth rocks surrounding it, the sight was breathtaking!

We were doing what we were supposed to do! Blade and Vadi all smiles in the first pic! The other 3 (Suhag, Me and Jai) seen chilling out in cold waters in the second pic!

Our photo sessions continued on our trek downstream as well!

Vadi wanted this pic to be called as the "cave-man pic"! Hes obsessed with stone age I suppose! And not to forget the modeling session with blade... We took about 5-6 snaps at the same place before he was finally satisfied with the pic thats displayed!

Still reading the post?? You got to be nuts... Thought you had already started for the falls!
Bon Voyage!

Small Business Ventures

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Monotony is the main drawback of working in an industry or a firm. After a few months or few years, the excitement wears off and people trudge along to their work places like zombies. And whats worse? Most of the people are generally over worked and underpaid. So is there any way to break the shackles and emerge out of this man made mire?

One of the obvious answers is starting a business and nurturing it. Sounds great right? But where to get reliable information about the fundas of business? And even if we start a business successfully, what if we run short of cash at critical junctures? There are many "if's" which needs to be considered before venturing in. After surfing the web for a while, i stumbled in on a portal which gives an insight into these factors. And whats more? They also offer advice on these issues. They have info on getting the working capital to start a new venture, expanding the existing business and other important issues like consolidating debt and invoice factoring. Taking a small business loan will be an ideal way to start. However from a plethora of small business loans available, it is neccesary to select the one that suits our requirements. This portal will be of immense help in this regard. Whats more? They ensure easy processing of your applications, which inturn facilitates fast funding. They can be easily approached on their toll free number and one can also register through their web site.

Starting a new venture is a big ask, and to avoid costly lapses, it is better to get professional assistance at the beginning especially regarding small business financing and other related issues. So plan well and invest smartly in your new venture and bid adieu to to boredom and frustration.

Burn Your Fat!

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Does that extra pound of flesh around your waistline preventing you from doing what you like? Is your obesity menacing your married life? Has your extra fat brought down your self esteem to a low? Are you spending extra time in front of the mirror looking too worried about appearance?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes... I'm going to ask you to stop worrying! There are a number of tried and tested ways in which you can burn up that disgusting fat, which hinders with your confidence levels! To any problem there is a hard route and an easy route to the solution.The hard route that I was going to mention was working out. The problem with exercising is that you start feeling more hungry eventually gobbling up more calories! So many people aren't able to find a solution by working out everyday!

The second, easy route is the diet supplement. Again the market is flooded with umpteen brands each of them promising to offer you something. Making a correct decision at this juncture prevents stress and heartbreak. I recently stumbled upon a new supplement Phenterfein, which shows great promise! The testimonials that users had given about this supplement proves the worthiness of the product.

The manufacturers of Phenterfein have gone one step ahead, even mentioning their formula in the supplement facts! All the chemical constituents viz. Glucuronolactone, Rhodiola Rosea, Citrus Aurantium, Octopamine hcl, Evodia Extract, Salvia Sclarea Extract, Vinpocetine are listed in the supplement facts and you can be sure that this is not just another fat burning pill! The company deserves credit for its openness and you can fearlessly place an order!

So stop worrying, include Phenterfein in your daily supplement!

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