For the Non-Gamers....

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Hi visitors i have been literally giving u so much reviews about games(thats what everybody says but have given only 6 of them!) but i get most of the feedbacks as "Ur review is good but i dont know anything about games"!!!!?????

So this post is all to those non-gamers who wanted to know wat gaming is all abt....

Well gaming is all abt playing urself through a given mission or task with a given set of equipments and stuff which helps u in completing the mission.
Basically there are 2 popular type of pc games today and those r the action and strategy games.

Action Games:
An action game is a game that challenges a player's speed, dexterity, and reaction time. Action games often include tactical conflict, exploration challenges, and puzzle-solving, but these are not defining elements. Action games are the broadest and most inclusive genre in gaming, encompassing many diverse sub-genres such as first person shooters, beat-em ups and platform games. Basically even action-adventure games are present in which the player needs to solve puzzles and find out hidden paths in order to go on to the next level with action present in the game.

*First Person Shooters:
The First person shooter or also called as FPS is a action game type which shows the view of the game as viewed by the gamer playin the game.Some of the most famous examples of FPS are Medal of Honor, Call of duty, IGI, etc.(These are game names....)

*Beat-em ups:
The beat-em games are nothing but hand to hand combat games tat are takin against a wave of enemies either by hand or some melee weapons such as clubs, rocks, sticks, etc. Some famous examples of these types of games are Mortal Combat, Turtles, etc.

*Platform Games:
Platform games are nothin but games tat are
played on single platform with changing scenarios tat mostly depend upon the jumping tactics other than shooting and killin enemies in the game. Most famous platform games are Contra, Mario, Club fighters, Ninja, etc.

While the objective of an action game varies from game to game, it generally involves advancing through stages (or levels), eliminating hordes of enemies, and solving puzzles. Many games include one or more Bosses, often preceded by Mini-Boss. A Mini-Boss is usually the climax to a level or series of levels, with a Boss encountered either at the end of the game or periodically throughout the game, leading up to an "End-game Boss", whose defeat is the objective of the game.U must have witnessed these type of gameplay in platform games like Mario.....

But other action games such as Medal Of Honor, Call Of Duty, etc are war based games and the player is given a war field arena to battle with enemies with a limited source of weapons and thus the player has to complete task or mission given to him. These are shoot and kill games tat require ur quick hand co-ordination and eye movements all throughout the game screen.Usually these types of game are played either in Joystick or combining both the mouse and the keyboard.

Strategy Games:
Games tat require a strategic plannin and execution leading to a victory over a battlefield shown from a satellite view of the game world or map in which the player and the enemy battle for their majority place in the map. the one who gets the majority portion of the map by beating the other enemy with troops of his advancement wins the game and claims the territory and later like this a story mode is formed and further new maps are given for the gamer to play the game.

Eventually a minimum required resources for the player is given in the start of the game itself and further requirement of resources required by the player can be taken from the map in which the player plays. For eg:If a player needs wood for buildin houses he must find a tree in order to fulfill his required resource.

And in this strategy game a main city is formed which is know as the capital city and in the start itself a capital city will be given to u from which u can generate citizens for recruiting them in various works such as Food harvesting, Lumbering, Mining, Defending the capital by training in the Barracks(a bulidin for creating trained troops) etc.So a mission objective will be given to u and u have complete the objective in a given time. In most of the games the mission objective will be to capture the opponent territories land and defeat them. So in order to do this u got to defend urself from the opponents invasion and also in the same time create huge army of needed size to destroy the enemy.This is all wat strategy game is all abt------Strategic Plannin!!!!!!

Some of the examples of these types of games are Age Of Empires, Rise Of Nations, Empire Earth. Lord Of the Rings, etc.

So non-gamers if u still have any difficulty in understanding gamin pls post ur queries!!!!
Will be reviewing more....

Call Of Duty-4 Review...

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They say war is hell. Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare takes you to the very depth of wat hell is all abt!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually i bought the game and was surprised to see the game in a pack of 2DVD's---thought it would be another WW-II game of this series.But to my surprise it was not!!!This game is actually a game played in todays world with modern warfare techniques and more modern weapons with scintillating audio and visual effects !!!!Actually was bit sad three days ago coz i completed the game with a weeks time nearly within 7-8hrs....Actually the game is almost excellent in alllllllll ways and is a treat to ur eyes and ears....Even a non gamer will get a bit game lunatic after seein r playin this game as it happened to a dear friend of mine namely GUJAKO!!!!!(Praveen)

If you played the original Call of Duty or its sequel, then you will hv little trouble gettin into COD4. Infinity Ward maintains its smart system of rewarding players for aiming down the sight before firing.You can run from cover to cover (an absolute necessity to survive the utter insanity in some of the levels).You have melee attack too. There are a few highlighted spots that require a button press to interact with and yes you can once again pick up live grenades and throw them back at the enemy.You wouldn believe me, u can even break or twist the head of the dog wen it pounces and grounds u to the ground!!!!!!

The real change comes in the combat. This is one intense shooter, mainly because there are just so many enemies. And they are smarter thanks to some refined AI. Enemies usually know to stay in cover. And they also know that you, being a well-trained soldier, aren't going to fight in the open. That's why they fire RPGs and toss so many damned grenades. They are trying to flush you out. And since most cars explode and will kill you if you are standing beside them, quite often you'll be forced to move.

Also, the enemy has access to perhaps the greatest weapon in modern war: dogs. Yes, there are dogs in COD4 and they can be real bitches (get it?). Dogs are a major pain in the ass. They don't have fear.....they don't worry about flanking you or dying by your bullets. They want one thing: to rip out your throat. Often they will. Dogs move fast and attack sometimes before you turn to see what all that barking's about. If a dog attacks, you will hit the ground and enter one of the shortest mini-games of all time. You have perhaps two seconds from the moment you hit the ground to perform a melee attack and break the dog's neck. Otherwise, the dog will rip out your throat. That means you die.You should have seen the face of my
friend(GUJAKO--Praveen)wen he got killed by a dog in the game!!!!!

Fortunately, you have some things going for you. First and foremost are your squadmates. Call of Duty 4 does not have a single squad command. You won't tell your buddies to frag and clear a room or move from cover to cover towards the enemy's position. You don't have to tell the AI what to do in Modern Warfare, because your allys' AI is outstanding. These folks look, move, act, and react like their true military counterparts. In fact, were you to have the ability to issue commands, you'd likely end up doing more harm than good. The AI takes care of itself (and you).

Also to your advantage when taking on enemies in the battle field there are smarter ways to finish them of with smarter bullet physics. When you shoot at a wall, your bullets don't necessarily stop dead in their tracks. The caliber of the bullet, distance and substance of the wall all determine how much the bullet is slowed. Wood and drywall won't usually stop a bullet. So you can shoot through walls to hit enemies taking cover. This isn't just a fun little gimmick!!!!!This is a fairly significant element woven throughout the single-player campaign.Well this type of bullet physic is carried out in sniping stage where u try to snipe down a enemy bitch where wind effects have to be taken care of, indeed the travellin of the bullet from the sniper is based on the winds direction and Coriolis effect(Caused by rotation of the Earth!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!U get all Ghillied(a suit of leaves and stuff worn by snipers to get unnoticed in a terrain) up in this sniping mission which is my one of the favourite moments of the game!!!!!!And u have to carry ur higher officer wen he gets hurt and drop him off certain places were there are enemy movements....U have to safe board him and urself alive in a transport helicofter after fighting nearly some 50 soldiers which is truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

COD4's single-player is made great because it is such a white-knuckle experience. That would not be possible if the sound and visuals weren't impeccable. This is a gorgeous game from top to bottom. It runs almost perfectly, with only a few rare frame rate hiccups, and offers rich details, great texture work, excellent animations for your allies, awesome particle effects, and some stellar lighting. The sound is equally impressive. Combat is loud. The shouts of your allies, the curses of your enemies, the ominous clink of a grenade falling at your feet, all go to creating an immersive experience. You may well lose yourself in combat, drawn in by the visuals and the sound. This is a technically excellent effort that won't disappoint.

In one mission u get to drive a great 3interchangeable guns in a very modern aircraft providing air support to our troops below.......this mission is also equally one of the best mission in COD-4 comparing with other few of those excellent ones...

Finally Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a fantastic game. The single-player experience is easily Infinity Ward's best work to date. Calling it intense may be an understatement. The overall story is standard action movie fare, but the relationships built over the short seven hours of play are surprisingly strong. Though the single-player lacks length, the multiplayer should keep you invested in COD4 for the long time. This is a truly fantastic multiplayer offering that's as deep as any other online game available.

Infinity Ward has done it again. Call of Duty 4 is not only a winner but a achiever too!!!!!!!!!!

Main Advantages:
100% Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

Main Disadvantages:
100% Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating according to my view abt the game:9.8/10
Will be reviewing more......

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HTC Touch Dual- In a nutshell!!

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The HTC touch Dual smart phone is a sequel of HTS Touch. Longer and thinner than the Touch, it does not support Wi-Fi. This is a major drawback for the phone but it has HSPDA to compensate. The HSPDA is similar to Wi-Fi but works well only if data connection is established well. It sports two 2 megapixel cameras – one in the front and the other at the back. The front camera is used in attending video calls and the back camera is used to take pictures and to capture videos. It has two key versions- 20 key version and 12 key version. TouchFLO technology has been used along with 3G. 2.6" TFT LCD Touch screen enables easy usage. Bluetooth and miniUSB ports are ordinary features extended. Released in November 2007 in countries like Japan and Taiwan, this phone is all set to land up in US markets in a few days. It weighs just 120 grams. Internal memory is 256 MB and the memory can be extended to 1 GB.


-Dimensions-107 x 55 x 15.8 mm

-TFT touchscreen with 65K colors

-16-key standard or 20-key QWERTY keyboard

-TouchFLO technology

-3G technology

-256MB ROM and 128MB SDRAM

-Bluetooth enabled

-microSD Card Expansion

-Class 10, 32 - 48 kbps- GPRS connection

-Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

-Pocket IE and WAP friendly

-Li-Ion battery

-Talk time upto 5 hrs

World Time


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