Home loans in India and the US - The difference...

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That was the first time i watched "The Big Fight" show in the NDTV- India's most popular news channel other than the CNN IBN. Later i got enticed by the show. Cogent arguments were made. The topic they were discussing was the Financial Crisis around the world. It is known to all, but a related topic was roped into it and it was on the home loans in India and the US. I thought it was a less known fact and thereby making it much visible here...

The Difference!!

The basic and the most vital difference between the home loans in India and the US are based on values. But on what value?? The answer - The US home loans are based on the land value and the Indian home loans are based on the individual's earning capability!!

Well, to dig in deep, an US citizen can take more home loans when his land value rises. And regarding the Indian home loans, the individual can borrow home loans when his earnings increase.

Which well has water??

To discuss about the benefits i would with some reasons support the Indian home loan fundamentals. The reason is with its its fundamentals. An individual, in general, always climbs up the ladder. To be specific, he always has increments. Only a few experience decrements and thats not the scenario!! Thus the decision arrives holding a valid argument with Indian home loan fundamentals that an individual can always burrow more loans as his earnings ar always incremented.

On the other pan, the US home loans stating the land value has a slight disadvantage over the Indian fundamentals, may over the rest too... Land values are mostly restricted to the cities and towns. The people living in the rest are never benefited. The land value can rise if its situated near a celebrity home or near a tourist spot or something else. Only people who live on or near such places are the benefactors and that makes the rest move to the hard corner.

Any refute??....

Nature's beauty!!

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You must have read about the posts on our final college tour to Edacal caves, Meenmutty falls and Ooty. Those days are still memorable, that i keep looking at the pictures now and then. But i realized that i had left out some good snaps in my posts!! And so i am posting it here!! For people who didnt read those posts, just take a quick look at them here.... And here are the pics!!

* The inscriptions at Edacal caves!!

* The paddy fields at Kuruva islands!!

* The grass covered land - The river had run this way some years ago!!

* A tributary of the Kabini river at Kuruva islands.

* The tradional Raft at Kuruva islands.

* A view of a hill on the way to Meenmutty falls.

* The way to the Meenmutty falls through the dense forest.

* Meenmutty falls.

* This is one of the best captures of Bladezz!!!

Federal Inmate Records!

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Want to retrieve any information about a prison inmate? There are a lot of reasons for one to look up the records of inmates. And the process has been made easier by this wonderful website which holds the up to date records of all the federal inmates of all the states. The best part is that one gets this wonderful service at an astonishingly low price. So don't waste time searching for sources. Use this exceptional site to save time and money!

Tom Hanks Special

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Hollywood will always be grateful to one of the rarest breeds of actors it has ever conceived, Tom Hanks! The talent that is ordained for him has long been coveted by his envious counterparts! A thorn in the ass for conventional cliche makers, Tom has long helped the development of groundbreaking celluloid entities! Two academies and three nominations, I feel is just little appreciative of his prowess!

Tom Hanks Treats:

* Bachelor Party
* Splash
* Money Pit
* Dragnet
* Big
* Turner and Hooch
* The 'Burbs
* A league of Their Own
* Sleepless in Seattle
* Philadelphia
* Forrest Gump
* Apollo 13
* Toy story (voice)
* Saving Private Ryan
* You've Got Mail
* Toy Story 2 (voice)
* The Green Mile
* Cast Away
* Road to Perdition
* Catch Me if You Can
* The Terminal
* The Polar Express (voice)
* The da Vinci Code
* The Simpsons Movie (voice)
* Charlie Wilson's War

This will be a continuous series wherein I'll be sharing my experiences with some of his Masterpiece efforts! Keep coming back!

Death Certificates!

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The title may sound weird! But registering ones death is of great importance. The first question that springs in the mind is where to head to fetch a death certificate.
I came across a one stop website which caters to the death certificate queries of the citizens of all the states right from Virginia to Texas! So thought this info would be helpful for all those confused with death certificate procedures and hence am sharing it.

Angels & Demons - "The Four Altars Of Science"

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Rome was (and still is) one of the greatest cities in the world. The famous saying "Rome Was Not Built In A Day" reveals the greatness and splendor of Rome. Their are many places of architectural and historical significance in Rome.

Dan Brown's Angels and Demons sheds light on some of these important monuments. Although the story is the product of author's imagination, the places and monuments described in the novel actually exists.

Here we take a look at the "Four Altars Of Science" as described in the novel.

They are:

1.Habakkuk and the Angel:

According to the novel, Habakkuk and the Angel is the first altar of science situated inside Chigi Chapel. It is a tribute to "Earth" one of the 4 fundamental elements.

2. West Ponente:

According to the novel, West Ponente is the next altar of science situated at Saint Peter's Square. It is the tribute to the second fundamental element "Air".

3. The Ecstacy Of St. Theresa:

According to the novel, the Ecstacy Of St. Theresa is the next altar of science situated inside Santa Maria della Vittoria. It is a tribute to the third fundamental element "Fire".

4. The Fountain Of Four Rivers:

According to the novel, the Fountain Of Four Rivers is the last altar of science. It is situated at Piazza Navona. It is a tribute to fourth and final fundamental element "Water".

Apart from these, there are various other historical places of interest depicted in the book, which will be explored later.

Truly yours,
Cosmic Freak.

Find your family tree!!

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Family tree is a popular term in these days and people go mad mad to search their tree. The family tree is identified using genealogy. Find your family tree based on records and database. Numerous family records and documents are available that helps you in finding out your generation. They help you gain knowledge on your family roots.

Cast Away!

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This post is a sequel to the "Tom Hanks Special" post, and as promised I pen down my admiration for some of his masterpiece performances! First I start with the film that me a Tom Hanks fan, Cast Away!!

Watch it, and I guarantee you'll fall in love with his histrionics! You have no other choice but to watch only Tom for most part of the movie! But believe me, it surely isn't boring... Tom carries the movie forward single handed, along with his companion Wilson (a volley ball) with which he does most of the talking! It is distinctly visible that he had bent over backwards to alter his physical frame as the storyline proceeds! At the beginning he seems portly but I was really shocked to see his frame at the end of his stay in the island, miserably shrunk! And his emotional battles during the climax will move any human! Great effort indeed!

Wilson, the lone companion!

Adversity brings the best out of anyone!!

Locate people!!

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It is difficult in this world to track down people and their details. But there is a solution for this and the search is made easier. People locator is out there to help you!! Search your person in mind and get his various details such as his address, phone number and many more... Locate people easily in a fraction of second!!

The Indian Tamasha!!

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Late leaders like Indira Gandhi, M.G.Ramachandran and few remarkable persons are still the most respected among the people of India, when it comes to the area of Politics and Nobility. But modern day politicians, except few, are a burden to the people. Neither the ruling party nor the opposition party are perfect, or atleast the least perfect. Sometimes the ruling party, of course, to sustain its popularity has to implement so called people beneficiary plans. The opposing party always mocks down the plan and criticizes them. In the end, the people get affected. The parties in general debate over the ineffective issues and waste people's money. They even waste the valuable columns of the newspapers preventing the valuable news from appearing big too.

The SINGUR issue !!

Here is an incident that happened in recent as a proof to the above said. Singur, a town in West Bengal, does not know what an industrial revolution mean! The renowned TATA motors had surprised the business world with its innovative creation called "NANO". The Chief of the TATA groups, Ratan TATA, had announced the NANO's delivery at Singur. The company had acquired thousands of acres of farming land from around 12000 farmers. The West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, had assisted the company in the land acquisition with a reasonable compensation. Some 3000 farmers had opposed it, and this brought in the villain to the scene- She is the Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee. Eying the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, she lead the agitations against the TATA motors forcing them to stall the project for a while. The Chief Minister, if he had given the reason to settle the issue, would have surely solved the cased. The farmers would have gained more compensation. But the resistive opposing leader, pretending to care for its leaders has paved the way for the TATA's to exit the state. The state suffers a terrible loss now. Why?

The ill fate !!

West bengal is one of the states, where industrial revolution is less recognized. The state needed some investments and industries to be set up for a much need growth of its self! The announcement of the TATA's about the NANO brought in hopes for the land. The industry, if it had succeeded well would definitely lift the state's efficiency and adaptation. But due to the ill fate and the reckless oppositions, the state has lost its golden opportunity, infact its inevitable prosperity.

The TATA's would certainly offer jobs to the Singur residents. In the end, its the people of the town who are benefited! But the opposition has no ears to such reasons that they simply want to be focused. The TATA,s have shifted their base to Gujarat. The farmer's have no manure now!! The oppositions have lead to the downfall of the state's growth rate. What do they have to now answer its people?? Its all upto the Trinamool Congress Leader to reply this.

This is an example of how Indian politicians behave on serious issues. It is in the hands of the people to find the golden goose for the golden egg!!

Court records search!

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Court records are very essential for the government and the people. It helps in tracking people's activity. The records are stored in big numbers that it is difficult to search for a particular one from the rest. The site Court records provide the help of searching Oklahoma Court Records. The site Court records makes it easy to find all documents and records. Make your court record search easier through them.

Do you know that???

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The number 1 followed by 100 zeros is called "GOOGOL".
The human brain is protected by 8 bones.
The river that has no fishes is "JORDON".
Until 1896, India was the only source for diamonds to the world.
The Arctic Ocean is the world’s smallest one.

General knowledge is essential for all. It helps man to to stand tall among the rest possessing infinite knowledge. Trust me, Knowledge help you earn respect. See what Charles Darwin has to say - "Doing what little one can to increase the general stock of knowledge is as respectable an object of life, as one can in any likelihood pursue."

Well guys, will be posting more on this general facts section. So do look in frequently.

Report phone calls!!

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Sometimes people get unknown calls. They may be sales calls or wrong calls. People feel good when they can get some information about such calls as they are very much keen in knowing them. Where to get such information?? or where can you feed such information?? Here is a solution. Report annoying phone calls and help other users to know more about them. You can also provide tips on the expectations over the call. The site Report phone numbers have found a solution to the never ending problem with sales or wrong calls.

Night Owl Vs Morning Lark - The Never Ending Tussle

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Broadly speaking there are two kinds of people in this world- the ones who hit the sack early and are up and running before the sun is over the horizon (Also called nerds or shall we say freaks!!). The second group of people are those cool ones who burn the proverbial mid night oil watching latest flicks in Dvd's or hanging around in pubs and having a pint of beer or two.

The sane working world seems to have been tailor made for the morning larks. A typical day for a working professional starts early in the morning leaving no time for those poor night owls to catch some well deserved rest. As the result, they turn up at the work place with puffy and burning eyes. Their work efficiency takes a beating and they are often over looked for "the long hard climb up the corporate ladder". And whats worse? The firm wherein the night owls work wind up for the day just as the owls tune up to work at their full efficiency.

True, there are many factories and other work places where in shift system is being followed where the owls can work at their preferred hour. But in most of the firms, the owls start the race from the pit lane and therefore are at a dis advantage right from the word go. Gone are those days when people followed the age old proverb- "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man wealthy and wise". The companies should introduce staggered timings so as to ensure that both the owls and larks are given equal opportunities to work at their preferred work hours. This will also increase their productivity and efficiency.

Smart business solutions!!

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Most people around the world, at a later stage or at their earliest, start their own business. They may not be sure at times whether their decisions turns profitable or not!! This may be because they don't have the smartness required to do the same. But the ultimate solution can be obtained from Heritage Web Solutions. They help people to start smart business not only in in the United States but also to the rest of the world.

The Heritage Web Solutions have been recognized by Inc as the fastest growing businesses among the private owners. The CEO of the Heritage Web Solutions, David Aitken, had been one of the sole developers and contributors of this huge inventory! David Aitken's brother, Jeremy is also a big contributor as they have for days and nights on their work. Thanks to them for they have helped people find their jackpot in business. The annual revenues of the company crossed the $1million mark in 2004 and that is a remarkable achievement. In a span of only 4 more years, it has crossed the $20 million mark, that is an evidence to the integrity of the company. The company has around 500 employees in total of which around 200 are dedicating their full time in the sole development of the customers. Heritage Web Solutions ranks in the top 1% of all hosting companies in America.

Look into the words of David Aitken: “Our even though culture removes any opportunity for our staff to provide excuses associated with not hitting their goals. We tell them no matter what we can find a way to solve the problem. Then our staff knows they can tell us how they accomplished their goals even though their challenges could have derailed their projects."

Having any sort of troubles or need solutions for your business knots, then shake hands with Heritage Web Solutions and discard your worries, because your have smart in doing so. The company ranks among the top ones in America. Web based marketing is the best solutions for some smart business. Heritage Web Solutions are the best in building websites and it is a sure innovative industry in its field.

The Animal issue!!

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We had written about difficulties the animals had and have been facing at the Vandalur zoo. The authorities don’t really care about the animals. Here is a news that is an authentication to the above said point. Yesterday (10th of September), the zoo lost three of its wards (cause they care for them). A female lion, a baby bear which is just 3 months old and a rare and nearly extinct Gharial crocodile died due to some reason. The zoo authorities were not able to speak out the cause and as usual they left words saying that the reason was to be investigated. This incident would surely prove the inability of the zoo to maintain animals. The concerned officials or some organization must come up to put an end to this or at least save the animals kept in captivity. Hope they are cared more from now onwards....

A Layman's Guide To Gadgets

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Since from time immemorial man has always been fascinated by gadgets and strived to improve his life style by inventing new "kewl" gadgets which made his life easier. This hasn't changed much even in the 21st century. These days the gadgets not only lessen our burden but also has become a fashion statement. Having and flaunting new and sleek gadgets seems to be the order of the day.

Now, if you are one of those thousands out there planning to buy a new gadget for yourself or planning to gift one for a loved one this festive season, it is important to get to know about the new gadgets available and analyze them as regards to their utility, effectiveness and above all the price tag associated with it. Look no further. Go to gadget advisor to learn about the new ones on the block. They have many gadgets listed in the site like the universal remote control (No not the one that comes in Adam Sandler flick , we are taking about a real one here), network media player ( who wouldn't want one of these??), online back up services e.t.c.

Why wait? Make a thorough research on the new gadgets out there and gift one of them to your loved ones or buy one for yourself. After all gifts have a special place in our hearts, and sending or receiving gifts makes festivals extra special.

The mp3 Player Wars!

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It has become a style statement these days... the youth proudly flaunt their priced possessions! Wat are we speaking about? Wat else keeps you jazzed up than music on the move... ya its the mp3 players! It has stirred a revolution in itself, today people are too obsessed with music that they cannot do without an mp3 stick!

There are a number of media players flooded in the market... from the very popular and hotly selling ipods to their cheaper counterparts! As usual the consumers are confused! The ipods have the advantage of the backing of a very strong brand name, Apple. And certain features of the ipod too are astounding! But the market has other options too for the customer! There are cheaper alternatives available which have almost all the features of an ipod. And some mp3 players come with special features that aren't even present in the ipod! Renown firms like Philips, SanDisk, Transcend, Creative, etc., too are populating the market with slick and stylish mp3 players and are giving a tough run for the ipods!

So before you set out to become a proud owner of a gleaming mp3 player, take time to compare the features of the available stock. How do you go about doing that? Its simple... the internet is the solution! There are a number of websites which help you compare prices of almost all the models in the market. Its important that one surfs through such sites so that he is also fully aware of the features one can enjoy!

So... be a part of the revolution... grab yourself an mp3 player and get your head shaking!

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